Celebrate a FISH-ful Birthday
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Birthday kids can celebate their special day with friends at Spa Beach and visit "fishy" friends at The Pier Aquarium!

Three birthday party packages - Sea Life Scavenger Hunt, Totally Tidal Zone and Seashore Archaeology - offer a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to interest and suit every child's taste.

Scheduled birthday party times are 11am-1pm Saturday and noon-2pm Sunday. Prices range from $160 for a party for five to 10 friends to $500 for a party of up to 25 guests. Chaperones are required and are included in birthday party package prices. Additional guests, both parents and siblings, will need to pay aquarium admission. Admission prices to The Pier Aquarium are Adults, $5 and Students (7+) and Seniors (65+), $4.

Chaperone's Duties:

    • Number of chaperones is based on number of party participants. (Please see below under "*Fees").
    • Chaperones must be 18 years or older.
    • Chaperones must help The Pier Aquarium staff with maintaining order during the party.

All birthday parties include:

    • An arts and crafts activity (choice of shark's tooth necklace or "Create Your Own Aquarium Snack")
    • A special gift for the Birthday Child
    • Admission to The Pier Aquarium for all paid guests
    • Invitations
    • Service items (plates, napkins, cups, forks, etc.)
    • Private beach area for two hours
    • Two birthday party hosts

Prices include:

    • Arts and crafts supplies
    • Decorations
    • Service items for party guests

Please contact us for pricing for additional aquarium admissions for parents or siblings of party guests.

Upgrades can be added to make a special birthday event more special to remember!


Sea Life Scavenger Hunt Party

Spa Beach is the place for an outdoor scavenger hunt for participants to gather interesting clues to find hidden treasures!

Indoors at The Pier Aquarium, collectors will gather hidden pictures or photos of fish to solve the mystery. Of course, the party isn't over until visitors spend time for an up close look at our FISH-ful Touch Tank!


5-10 guests and two free chaperones 


11-15 guests and three free chaperones $240
16-20 guests and four free chaperones $320
21-25 guests and five free chaperones $400


Totally Tidal Zone Party

Experience the tidal zone at The Pier Aquarium's new 860-gallon Touch Tank Experience featuring all kinds of crabs, snails, sea stars and sea urchins. It's time for an eye-opening touch tank session and fish feeding!

Outdoors, catch fishy critters at Spa Beach. Armed with nets and discovery buckets, guests will get their feet wet learning about Tampa Bay's marine life. Bathing suits recommended!


5-10 guests and 2 free chaperones


11-15 guests and 3 free chaperones $270
16-20 guests and 4 free chaperones $360
21-25 guests and 5 free chaperones $450

Seashore Archaeology Party at Spa Beach

Our "Lost in Time" friends help us with our seashore exploration for sharks' teeth, arrowheads and other fossils left behind by ancient marine creatures with the archaeologist's tools: shovels, brushes and sifting boxes.

Catch critters at the beach with nets and discovery buckets, and experience marine life up close and personal! Bathing suits recommended!


5-10 guests and 2 free chaperones 


11-15 guests and 3 free chaperones $300
16-20 guests and 4 free chaperones $400
21-25 guests and 5 free chaperones $500

Fees include all items (arts and crafts supplies, decorations and table service) for your designated number of guests (children and adults) and chaperones. Please call (727) 895-7437, ext. 205 for additional pricing to cover the cost of other adults and siblings of your party guests.

Make Your Party More Memorable!

Birthday party can order items to upgrade the party:


    • Custom candle for the Birthday Child
    • Large pizza (16 slices)
    • Soda (per person)
    • Goody bags for each guest
$5-20 per child

Additional adventures available:

    • Birthday and guests can be "Official Fish Feeders" and help Marine Education Staff feed the fish at the Aquarium. They will each receive a Fish Feeder Certificate.
      Cost: $30

About Scheduling

    • An $80 non-refundable deposit is due when the reservation is made.
    • All reservations require three weeks' notice.
    • Party activities may change due to weather conditions.

Party guests are those designated as participating in the birthday party. There is additional pricing for adults and other children in attendance.